Today was a Fun Day

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We did a lot today with trying to find a new place to live and spending time with family.

We started our day trying to find a place to live, but there are a lot of places that don’t work for our family.  We have 5 people in our family and some places won’t except us because they only have 2 bedroom apartments.  There is a law that you can only have two people per bedroom, so our family needs a 3 bedroom place.  But, there have been some places that said that you can have one person can count for living in the living room.  We are trying to find a place that is really cheap and close to the buses for me to travel to work.  We are used to Idaho prices where it is way cheaper than Washington.  It has been hard to find a place to live in Washington.

After looking for places to live, we spent time with family in Enumclaw where most of my family lives.  We had a huge get together because there were relatives that were visiting.  My daughter Elle grab a huge hand full of dirt and ate it.  Her mouth and face were full of dirt when we found her chowing it down.  For some reason she loves to eat dirt.

Overall, we had a wonderful day and are looking forward to spend time with Jamie’s family tomorrow.