Today We Celebrated Easter.

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easter at the temple 1(easter dresses)

Happy Easter!

It was a lovely holiday.  We started the day off with church, which was uplifting and exactly what I needed.  I heard a lot of messages about hope because of Jesus Christ.  I was reminded that I will be whole someday.  I felt strongly that the Sunday school teacher was talking for me when he discussed how often we pray for a trial to be removed when we should be praying for the strength to carry that trial.  I watched this video, “He Is Risen.”

easter at the temple 10(ash)

I’m sure that you figured out from Tony’s post that the Easter Bunny visits us on Saturday morning.  I liked saving Sunday just to focus on the true reason we have Easter.  We made Resurrection Rolls, told the Easter story with visual aids (thanks to my friend who let me borrow her set), and had a dinner that was similar to what Christ may have eaten when He lived on the earth.

easter at the temple 9(britt)

We also squeezed in naps and then took the girls, in their Easter dresses to go take pictures at the temple.  They loved it, of course.

easter at the temple 8(elle)

It was a nice and simple day that was touched with a sweet spirit.

easter at the temple 13(temple)

I like how Laura at Decor to Adore said it:  “Rejoicing in an empty tomb.”



Tony’s Adventure Begins

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easter 2

Today was one of the best days I have had in a long time.  I woke up this morning with my family celebrating Easter.  My wife Jamie and I laid eggs full of fruit snacks and toys all over the living room for our kids to find.  I remember Ash and Britt opening each egg and eating all of the candy inside before putting the egg in the basket.  After awhile they started putting all of the fruit snacks they found in a basket, so they could eat them later.  Soon after, I found Elle stuffing her face full of fruit snacks to the point they were falling out of her mouth because she couldn’t close it all of the way.  After we had our family Easter hunt, I had to go to school and finish my homework.

I really don’t like going to school to finish my homework because it takes me away from spending time with my family on a Saturday.  But, Saturdays are one of my busiest days to do school work.  I am taking 8 classes right now, which people tell me I am crazy for having that many classes.  I would have to agree with them because I have been ready for this semester to be done 5 weeks ago.  I still have 2 more weeks left of school.  These last couple of weeks are going by really slow.

After a long day at school, I finally came home and moved Ash’s bed out of our room.  It was a long process because I had to move Elle’s bed into Britt’s bedroom to put Ash’s bed in Elle’s old bedroom.  Once we put them to bed, I realize that I might have made a mistake because all I heard was Britt and Elle laughing and playing while they should be sleeping.

The best part of my day is making this blog so that Jamie and I can blog together.  Hope all of you enjoy the many posts that are about to come.